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Your new website is responsive, user-friendly and sizzling with content, so why isn’t more web traffic tooting at your door?
The answer is simple: SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation is the art of identifying the magical keywords and keyword phrases that people type in when searching for what it is you do online. Without these bad boys, your site is likely to appear much lower in search results on Google, Yahoo or Bing – think ‘tumbleweed’ page ten rather than ‘pole position’ page one of Google. To ensure you hit the search engine hot spots, we have developed a spanking three-pronged SEO strategy:

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Beautifully designed & Effective websites

All Jigsaw’s websites are equipped with in-built savvy features such as, clear navigation and responsive design, ensuring they work brilliantly on any device. We with any website we will install google analytics so that you can see important stats and figures to see how your website is climbing the google ladder and to see how we can help leap frog the competition.

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Effective and proven SEO Campaigns

At Jigsaw we love helping your business grow and its important that with any website you tell people your here! We love helping you with this.

So how do we do it? Well what we need from you is a list of key phrases that you wish to rank well for and we look at things like; where do you rank now, how much competition is there, are this good phrase for you? We will then come up with a taylor made marketing and SEO plan for you that will involve onsite and off-site SEO to help you climb the google mountain!

Responsive website design

SEO optimised content

To move up the rankings its vital web pages are Google-friendly and written in a language that your customers understand.

Our SEO experts and professional copywriters’ web content is the real deal – affordable, intelligent and original – we create SEO copy that not only drives traffic but is perfectly pitched to your visitors, helping attract enquiries and increase your conversion rate.

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Fresh SEO web content:

There’s nothing search engines love more than fresh, well-written web content. As a fun and effective seo company we can keep your web pages, blog or news feed topped up with engaging articles and news snippets as often as you require.
As well as building a formidable sales-generating website, Jigsaw can also handle all of your publicity and PR needs, delivering everything from killer press releases and online articles to web videos and magazine advertorials

Infinite customer support

Alongside oodles of experience, as an seo company we offers one-of-a-kind customer support that starts with listening to your ideas and finishes with, well that’s the point, it never finishes.

Whether you need ideas to drum up more trade, or advice on setting-up an email account, our team is always on hand to offer professional guidance in a non-techy, human way.

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We love meeting new people and getting new projects up and running. If you want to come and see what we can do for you give us a call and book today!

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